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Sportsmetrics™ is a program designed for the prevention of ACL injuries in athletes of all levels. The program begins with a detailed evaluation of the client, including jump testing and a physical therapy evaluation, consisting of strength testing, range of motion measurements, and a full body screening. The jump analysis will be conducted by our licensed physical therapist who is certified in the Sportsmetrics™ program, and the results will be discussed in detail with the client. The Sportsmetrics™ program is six weeks and consists of a series of jumping plyometric drills with proper instruction and teachings on the appropriate and safe way to land to decrease the risk for ACL injuries. In addition to the jumping drills, clients will be provided with supplemental physical therapy treatment to include additional strength training and manual treatment. Not only does the Sportsmetrics™ program help to reduce the risk of injury, but it can also enhance athletic performance!