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The NormaTec Pulse Recovery System is a compression device that is designed to assist with recovery and rehabilitation in the arms, hips and legs. Created with athletes in mind, this technology helps you recover faster between training sessions and after performance. NormaTec flushes out harmful metabolites and allows you to recover in a comfortable setting. By strengthening the body from the inside out, with the help of NormaTec, you can reach your full athletic potential.

What to expect

Your recovery specialist will select the best NormaTec accessory to use (legs, hips, or arms). There will be an appropriate sleeve for each body part that is attached to a hose. The specialist will help you with the sleeves, then turn the machine on for a 30-minute session. Pulsing action encourages fluids to move out of the muscles after a workout. The sleeve will compress and release in each cell as they fill with air. This pulsing keeps fluids from being forced in the wrong direction. The device releases the pressure in each cell at exactly the right moment to give your muscles maximum rest and recovery time.


Excess fluid and lactic acid will be flushed out of the muscle, leaving your legs, arms or hips feeling lighter and less sore. Using NormaTec regularly can increase range of motion and decrease inflammation and soreness.

Do I need this?

Every active person can benefit from NormaTec. Using this system regularly will enhance your training, keep you from feeling fatigued, and make you a stronger athlete.