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Marc Pro


The Marc Pro is an electronic device that stimulates the muscles to improve or facilitate muscle recovery. Marc, or Muscle Activated Recovery Cascade, is technology designed to create unique, strong, yet completely non-fatiguing, muscle contractions that set off a cascading series of physiologic events. When used during down-time, or when working out is not an option, this is a great alternative and helps prevent injuries.

What to Expect

The recovery specialist will place electrode pads around the specific muscle that is fatigued. These pads are specific to the athlete and will not be used on anyone else. The pads will be attached to leads on the Marc Pro. The setting should be strong, but comfortable, and will create a small contraction in the muscle.


The process of contracting the muscles dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow and deliver more oxygenated nutrients to the specific area being treated. The lymphatic system is also engaged and benefits from this muscle activity. By pushing deoxygenated blood away from the fatigued area, the recovery of the muscle is greatly accelerated.

Do I need this?

Because the Marc Pro is strictly a recovery tool it can be used on any muscle group that is feeling sore or tired.