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Custom Orthotics

Custom Foot Support

Just what the doctor ordered! What part of your body suffers the most physical stress daily? If you guessed your feet, you’re right. Your feet give you needed mobility and support for work and play. They are the foundation of your body. Most foot pain is the result of faulty alignment and function of the bones and muscles of your feet. Everyone has approximately 30 bones in each leg – 26 of which are in each foot. We depend on these bones to move us forward when we walk. With each step you take more than 208 muscles are used. These muscles exert their effect on the knees, hips, lower back and all the bones holding your body upright. Therefore, it is not surprising that many knee, hip and back pains are a result of poor functioning feet.

What is a FASTECH custom orthotic?
It is a directly formed supportive device, and when worn in shoes, position the feet in proper biomechanical alignment. The orthotics are made to the specific contours and structural characteristics of the feet.


Who needs custom foot orthotics?
Everyone will benefit from proper foot support! Specifically, if you suffer from foot, shin, knee, hip, or back pain, you will greatly benefit from FASTECH custom foot orthotics.


Do I have to have a problem to benefit from orthotics?
Absolutely not, you will immediately benefit from more comfort. Age, weight, and activity create the need for better foot support. Think preventive; put those potential problems off.


What does the FASTECH orthotic do?
They support the foot and ankle during weight bearing which aligns the joints within the foot giving you excellent support and comfort. They allow for more normalized weight distribution, significantly reducing pain and discomfort.


What is special about FASTECH custom orthotics?
This modern high-tech product is made from the most supportive and shock absorbing materials available. The FASTECH foot support products were first developed to custom fit ski boots. The use of these products quickly spread to other athletic needs because of its’ superior characteristics. The FASTECH foot support products are in use today in every major professional sport and in over fifty top college athletic programs.


Do FASTECH orthotics require special shoes?
The important fact is the better the shoe, the better the orthotic works. The orthotic supports the foot and the shoe supports the foot and orthotic. The FASTECH orthotic can be made to fit easily in most shoes. Shoes with removable insoles that have good support work best. The best example of this type of shoe is a comfort shoe designed for walking. This shoe has a round toe box, laces, and a firm heel area. A thinner FASTECH product can also be designed to fit dress shoes.


Where can I get FASTECH orthotics and how long does it take?
Your FASTECH orthotics are made right here in the office. “Just what the doctor ordered.” With the modern technology of FASTECH it takes less time to have your custom orthotics made. The evaluation and fabrication of the orthotic will take less than one half-hour.


Special needs may require the use of the in-house service from FASTECH Labs. This will require additional time, but a fast and efficient turnaround is promised.

Clinical Procedure

  • You will need to bring in the shoes you plan to use. Our suggestion is a pair of shoes you “like” to wear and a pair you “have to” wear. We will evaluate these shoes and make suggestions.
  • You will be evaluated to determine what type of orthotic will benefit you most.
  • The FASTECH orthotic will be custom fitted to you by a process called “direct mold”.
  • Within minutes your new custom orthotics will be placed in your shoes and you will be on your way with increased comfort and support.